Subject Distribution

Research Field
Electronic Science and Technology Information and Communication Engineering
Optoelectronics Micro-Electronics  Communication & Information System Signal & Information Processing

Energy Photonics

Information Display and Lighting

Micro/Nano Photonics

Fiber Photonics

Coherent Optical Imaging



Wearable Technologies

Terahertz Photonics

Advanced Photonics Materials and Devices

3rd Generation Semiconductor Devices

IC Design

Embedded Systems

Nanoimprint and Microfuidics

MEMS and Micro/Nano Sensors

Advanced Mircoelecronic Materials and Devices

3D Intergration

Advanced Device Simulation

Wireless Communication

Wireless Big Data


Broadband Wireless System Optimization

Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Terahertz Device and System Optimization

Optimization and Modeling based on Knowledge and Cognition

Communication & Network Signal Processing

Information Transmission & Spectrum Monitoring

Speech Recognition & HCI/HMI

Electromagnetic Energy Conversion & Processing

Computer Vision

Big Data & AI

Automatic & Intelligent Control

Information Security

Peacock Team
  • Dr. Xinhai Zhang’s Team

    Team Members:

    Dr. Xinhai Zhang, Dr. Rui Chen, Dr. Fei Wang, Dr. Shuming Chen, Dr. Dan Luo

    Introduction of the Team:

    The team develops ultra wide frequency range and high-brightness THz light source products based on ultra-wide frequency range and ultra-strong THz wave.

  • Dr. Xiaowei Sun’s Team

    Team Members:

    Dr. Xiaowei Sun, Dr. Haozhong Guo, Dr. Renaud Bachelot, Dr. Yanjun Liu, Dr. Aung Ko Ko Kyaw

    Introduction of the Team:

    The team has had over 20 years of industry-study-research experience in energy photonics, relevant photoelectric materials and devices and had a significant industry influence in the field of energy photonics.


Address:South Tower,College of Engineering,
Southern University of Science and Technology

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