Nanshan Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication Key Laboratory of "industry-university-institute" Cooperation


The laboratory aims at integrating medium and long term information industrial development strategies of Shenzhen City and Nanshan District, focuses on the cutting-edge topics in the field of communication and information at home and abroad, solves the key issues of next generation mobile communication system (5G) and special wireless communication system and makes iconic original achievements. It researches advanced communication signal processing algorithms, RF and microwave system, smart antenna and cognitive radio technology, and provides technical support system and innovation platform for R&D and large-scale mass production of next generation mobile communication devices, wearable devices, intelligent robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. With the breakthrough in key fields and directions, it will strengthen the construction of scientific research foundation platform of key laboratory and talent team, actively carry out industry-study-research cooperation with high-tech enterprises in Nanshan District, promote scientific research transformation and boost scientific and technical progress, social and economic development in the region. 


Address:South Tower,College of Engineering,
Southern University of Science and Technology

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