Shenzhen Key Laboratory for Third-generation Semiconductor Devices


The laboratory is supported by electrical and electronic engineering disciplines, takes microelectronic technology as its core, centers on the key application technology of new GaN semiconductor materials, carries out innovative research on GaN power device and packaging technology, GaN MEMS sensor and GaN thin film transistor to cater for promotion demands of semiconductor industry transformation in Shenzhen and provides scientific support and technical service for development of semiconductor industry and fostering of emerging industries in Shenzhen. Taking “indomitable spirit” as the overall construction policy, it aims at international academic and technical research front, bases on the actual demand of industrial development in Shenzhen, carries out fundamental research on high-end applications, gathers and cultivates excellent technology talents, carries out high-level academic exchanges, builds an innovative and open system research platform and forms a domestically advanced, world-class and high-level scientific research and academic exchange base.  


Address:South Tower,College of Engineering,
Southern University of Science and Technology

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