Shenzhen Electromagnetic Noninvasive Medical Detection Engineering Laboratory


The laboratory will build microwave tumor detection platform, millimeter wave noninvasive vital sign detecting platform, new medical imaging device platform and hardware integration imaging device platform and finally construct a medical monitoring and nondestructive detection application demonstration base integrating technical R&D and professional training. In the meantime, it will build a medical monitoring resource center which is matched with the latest technology in the same industry through the world, provides overall information and technical resource support for relevant domestic industries and promotes establishment of industrial standards. Incubation and industrialization of relevant enterprises are promoted through the industrialization of the core patent technology. It will further establish an industry-study-research cooperation platform for domestically advanced medical monitoring, nondestructive detection technology and industrialization development, and promote the progress from basic research for application to application technology so as to boost the rapid development of relevant industries.


Address:South Tower,College of Engineering,
Southern University of Science and Technology

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