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Major Introduction

  • Electronic Circuit and System

    Main Research Fields:The research contents of Circuits and Systems include large-scale integrated circuits, intelligent systems, machine learning, big data analysis, mobile and parallel computing, Internet of Things, wireless networks and communication, information and signal processing, etc.

    Characters and advantages:Electronic Circuit and System is about intelligence system and smart computing, and focusing on IC, automatic system, intelligent perception and cognition, big data analysis, multi intelligence cooperative network and etc. Electronic Circuit and System applied in many areas, like auto driving, drones, intelligence logistics, smart city and other areas.


  • Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

    Main Research Fields:The research contents of Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics include three generations of semiconductor devices, nanoimprint lithography and microfluidic devices, MEMS and micro-/nano-sensors, 3D integration, IC design, etc.

    Characters and advantages:Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics is about semi-conduct material and component and mainly focus on advanced CMOS, GaN component research, biosensor and microfluidics, and ultra-high precision surface graphic technology. Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics mainly used in mobile intelligence device, wireless sensor network, green energy, etc. The research on high K/metal gate material was support by 02 major project of Ministry of Science and Technology. The research result has been published in world top journals like IEEE, EDL, etc. Cleanroom with 1200 square meters space for CMOS device fabrication and the 3rd Generation Semi-conductor Device Key Lab in Shenzhen have been set up.


  • Physics Electronics

    Main Research Fields:The research contents of Physical Electronics include energy photonics, new display and lighting technology, micro/nano-photonics, THz optoelectronics, advanced photonic materials and devices, etc.

    Characters and advantages:Physics Electronics mainly research on generic key scientific problems on quantum dots and perovskite optical material and devices. It reveals the physical rules of interactions of photon, exciton, phonon and plasmon in ultra-small space scale and super-fast time scale. It also explores the application in energy photons and other area. Research on quantum dot display technology got the grant support for key program from Ministry of Science and Technology. Paper of the research has been published in world top journals like Advanced Materials and others. We set up the high-tech company and actively working on the scientific and technological transfer.



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