Practical Teaching

  • Optoelectronic Device Fabrication Laboratory

    Optoelectronic Device Fabrication Laboratory was found in July 2013. At present, the lab has more than ten sets of teaching equipment worth about RMB 650,000.

    Optoelectronic Device Preparation Laboratory is mainly used for the experiment teaching for Optoelectronic Device Practice. The course includes both theories and experiment practice. Under the teaching plan for undergraduate students major in Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering in SUSTech, the curriculum is about teaching students on how to design, fabricate different kinds of optical device (like OLED, QD-LED, OTFT, etc.), as well as teach students with independent thinking and on-hand capability. The experiment is small class teaching which shows the teaching feature in SUSTech.

  • Optoelectronics Teaching Laboratory

    Optoelectronics Teaching Laboratory was found in July 2013. The lab has total 41 sets of teaching equipment worth about RMB1.2 million. The equipment including LED electro-optic characteristic testing system, holographic imaging system of liquid crystal special light modulator, liquid crystal photelectric general effect testing platform, optical fiber communication experiment platform and etc.

    Optoelectronics Teaching Laboratory is mainly for experiment teaching for optoelectronic students or students who select Optoelectronic Technology Basis and Optical Fiber Communication Theory and Technology. Based on the teaching outline for Optoelectronics Information Science and Engineering undergraduate students, the teaching experiment aims to teach students independent thinking and hand-on capability. The experiment is small class teaching which shows the teaching feature in SUSTech.

  • Analog / Digital Circuitry Laboratory

    Analog/Digital Circuitry Laboratory is mainly used for teaching tasks for Electronic Information Technology courses, like Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits and other basic courses. The lab is about 200M2 with more than 200 teaching equipments which including dual channel digital storage oscillograph, function/arbitrary waveform generator, programable linear steady voltage direct current supply, desktop digital multimeter and analog/digital circuit experiment box, and etc.

  • Wireless Telecommunication Innovation Teaching Laboratory

    Wireless telecommunication innovation teaching laboratory was found in January 2016. The lab is mainly used for below courses: Telecommunication Theory, Wireless Telecommunication, Telecommunication Design based on LabVIEW, Telecommunication System Design, Innovative Electronic Design, College Students Electronic Experiment and Scientific Innovation Project. The laboratory is located in room 202 on No.2 Faculty Building, occupies 100M2 and with equipment worth more than RMB 3million. The lab has the top software and hardware in telecommunication teaching in domestic. It’s including software radio platform (USRP), engineering teaching experiment platform (ELVIS II+), LabVIEW embedded teaching platform (NI my RIO), internet of things teaching platform, ultra-wideband teaching experiment platform, etc.

    The wireless telecommunication innovation teaching laboratory aims at equip the scientific innovative talents with both solid knowledge, creativity and good morality and in particular teaching the students with practical skills. In order to provide the best internship opportunities for EEE students, the lab has signed the united laboratory teaching agreements with National Instruments, Keysight Technologies, Rhode & Schwarz, Xilinx Inc. and other renown companies in the industry. In Aug. 2016, Wireless Telecommunication Innovation Teaching Laboratory has officially become 2016 SUSTech School Level Project.


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