• Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

    Optoelectronics Science and Engineering includes photonics, optoelectronics and microelectronics. This research area also covers optical information in radiation, transmission, detection and optoelectronic information in conversion, storage, processing and display. The core areas of the program include energy photonics, information display and solid-state light, micro and nanophotonics, fiber photonics, optical coherence tomography, advanced photonic materials and devices, etc.

  • Communication Engineering

    Communication Engineering is the emerging discipline focuses on generation, transmission and application of information. The curricula of the program include Introduction to Signal Processing, Principle of Communication, Foundation of Electromagnetic Field, Wireless Communication, Networking, Microwave Engineering and other cutting-edge technologies. The core areas of the program include the next generation mobile communication system, advanced microwave and radio frequency, algorithms, integral development of communication and computer technologies, etc.

  • Information Engineering

    Information Engineering is the emerging discipline relates to information processing, information transmission, networking, wireless communication, computer communication and information system. The core areas of the program include communication and network signal processing, voice technology and application, image and video signal processing, electromagnetic energy transmission and processing, low power digital system design, etc.


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