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As a pilot school of national comprehensive reform of higher education institutions, Southern University of Science and Technology was given the significant mission upon its foundation of exploring a modern university system with Chinese characteristics and discovering a new model for cultivating talents. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) was established in 2012, originally as Department of Micro-Nano Materials and Devices. It is one of the firstly established departments of the university. Over the years, the department has spun off Department of Materials Science and Engineering in 2013 and Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2016. With some twist and turns at the beginning, we have been striding steadily towards becoming a world-class research and education center of electronic and information science and technology.

By now, we have established a young and passionate faculty team of 26 professors, covering four major specializations (and research areas): communications, signal processing, microelectronics and IC design, and photonics. In 2016, we were awarded a special-funded construction project of High-Level Science and Engineering Universities by Guangdong Province under the category of “Advanced Electronics and Information Technology”. Coupled with our existing Top Specialization of “Electronics Science and Technology” in Guangdong, we have made ourselves known in the circle of electrical and electronic engineering education. To our surprise, in a recent university ranking survey in 2016 by Chinese University Alumni Association (CUAA, www.cuaa.net), there are quite a few specializations offered by our department being listed, among which “Electronic Science and Technology” ranks the 12th, “Information and Communication System” the 19th, and “Optical Engineering” the 27th nationwide. The average funding of our department per faculty is about RMB 3 million in 2016. We have won competitively three Peacock Team projects in the last two years with a total funding of RMB 80 million. Following our university’s motto “Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, our department spares no effort to cultivate talents, conduct research and innovation in electronics. Some of our graduates have been employed by world-famous enterprises like Huawei, Alibaba etc. Some have gone for further education in prestigious universities in America, Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. Located in Shenzhen special economic zone, a city pervaded with opening and innovation spirit, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has made the best use of its geographical advantages. Stemmed from our four advantageous disciplines, we extend our research to information science and security, medicine, marine science, environmental science, clean energy, new material and other fields relevant to Shenzhen economy and technology development roadmap (listed in the Top 10 Action Plan in 2017 Work Report of  Shenzhen Municipal Government). 

Here, we’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to the support and attention from all walks of life. At the same time, we are inviting outstanding scholars and students at home and abroad to join us to bring our blueprint into reality together and dream even bigger – we will build a world-class university and a world-class electrical and electronic engineering department in the near future!

We are constantly evolving; we plan to have 50 faculty members in the next five years. Do frequently come back to visit our website at eee.sustc.edu.cn. 


SUN Xiao Wei
Chair Professor and Head,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Address:Faculty Research Building 2, Xueyuan Boulevard,
Nanshan, Shenzhen, China


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