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Run For Science! First SUSTech-GPCP Campus Relay Marathon at SUSTech

Date2017-11-28/ What's New

The first SUSTech-GPCP Campus Relay Marathon kicked off at the GPCP Stadium of SUSTech on November 26, 2017. Inspired by the Wall Street Games, the idea is to replicate the concept in the field of science and technology innovation and further expand Shenzhen's influence in the field. The competition attracted nearly 500 sports fans from Shenzhen's venture capital industry, science and technology community and academia.

At 7am, the SUSTech GPCP stadium was alive with laughter and vitality, as everyone was warming up for the “Run for Science” race, a first in this field for the whole country, bringing together runners from the finance, academic and scientific circles.

At the opening ceremony, SUSTech Vice-chairperson Li Fengliang addressed the participants in his opening speech. He expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the participants and organizers of the event, on behalf of the university, and said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) had urged to launch a nationwide fitness program.

Member of the Nanshan District Propaganda Department Liao Zibin followed with an opening speech in which he said that Nanshan is a hotspot for science, education, industry and technology innovation in Shenzhen. It is the district that most resembles the Silicon Valley in China, and with this activity not only is communication and understanding through physical exercise strengthened, but also the technology and innovative team spirit is enhanced, contributing further to the innovative atmosphere of Nanshan District.

SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong then proceeded to fire the starting shot alongside a number of notable guests including SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, founding partner of Green Pine Capital Li Wei, Nanshan District Standing Committee Propaganda Department Liao Zibin and Zhang Liang, president of the Shenzhen Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Association, to mark the beginning of the first SUSTech-GPCP Technology Relay Marathon.

Some of the top contestant teams in the race included "Huaoda 330 team", "Taoyuan street Marathon Association" and "Yi Ma Union team", but the event also offered other sports such as rowing, tire-flipping, rope-skipping and pull-ups as well as many others. SUSTech’s freshmen and sophomore team “Nankou dog team" took the first place, while "Super 9 team", "Two Meter Legs team" came in second and third.

SUSTech-GPC Stadium - sharing sports and science together

During the competition, the organizing committee invited various people to talk, including President Chen Shiyi, Founding Partner of Green Pine Capital Li Wei, Vice President of Sports Genomics Institute(SGI) Du Yutao and Shenzhen Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Association President Zhang Liang. Each one gave a short talk on the importance of physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

After the race, the closing ceremony was held at the SUSTech-GPCP stadium, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Green Pine Capital this spring. To mark the occasion, the investment company donated 5 million yuan to the SUSTech Education Foundation to support innovation and the development of sports facilities for the students.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi gave a speech in which he said that the partnership between SUSTech and Green Pine Capital is a combination of capital and technology, a combination of capital and education, and a combination of capital and talent. These combinations constitute the growth and progress of society. The relay marathon not only brings together people from all walks of life, but also reflects the community's concern for higher education, science and innovation, and how the university can partner up with companies to mutually help each other develop. He reiterated his wishes to see the marathon become the best symbol of this in Shenzhen and continue to jointly promote the development of science, technology, innovation and sports in the city.

Founding partner of Green Pine Capital Luo Fei then followed with a speech in which he said: "Both SUStech and Green Pine Capital advocate innovation, SUSTech promotes innovation through the power of education, while we contribute to innovation through the power of capital. This highly compatible and resource-based concept highlights the many opportunities that both parties have for working closely together. "

Run For Science! Run for technological innovation

Innovative and new technologies were all over the field, including some of the projects developed by SUSTech and displayed at the recent high-tech fair. Huada Sports provided the "running-based" gene testing service to the athletes in advance to assess themselves and give them personal tips on how to optimize their performances. AVIC Fitness 3D’s visual health management also offered 3D scans for personal "individualized" health solutions.

Additionally, booths were also set up around the stadium to showcase company achievements, such as Guangfeng Optoelectronics displaying their robots and Royole Moon’s 3D mobile theater, much to the amusement of the runners’ friends and relatives.

The first SUSTech-GPCP Campus Relay Marathon was co-sponsored by SUSTech, Shenzhen Green Pine Capital Partners Co. Ltd. (GPCP), Sports Genomics Institute(SGI), CATIC Wellness Group, GF-FITNESS and a number of the city’s high-tech manufacturing start ups. The event is hosted by the Shenzhen Mountaineering & Outdoor Sports Association, and hosted at the SUSTech campus.

Text: Wang Ziyi
Photo: Wang Kaiqiang Dongxing Cao Ruoxiao Wang Zhiyuan
Contribution: Green Pine Capital Management Limited



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