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SUSTech Staff, Professors and Students gather to watch the 19th CPC National Congress

Date2017-10-18/ What's New

The much anticipated 19th CPC National Congress kicked off on the morning of October 18 2017. SUSTech leaders, professors and students gathered all over the campus to watch as it was broadcast live on national television.

SUSTech’s Party Committee will work hard to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and to expand their understanding of the CPC.

The university is determined to make great progress in the science and technology domains, as well as contribute to the country at large to ensure economic and social prosperity.

The university leadership watch the  television broadcast  of  the 19th CPC National Congress.


SUSTech Staff, Professors and Students gather to watch the 19th CPC National Congress. 

As a new chapter opens in the history of China, SUSTechers increasingly realise the pivotal role the university plays for the innovation and technological revolution that is around the corner, as well as for the future of China’s higher education, as a pioneer in reforming the traditional mechanisms.

Song Xuejun’s Research group in their laboratory

Admissions Office

Zhicheng Residential College 

Zhixin Residential College 

Shuren Residential College

Shuli Residential College 

Class of 2014 alumni Zhikai Zhu watches the broadcast from the USA.


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