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Academician Naomi Climer (President of IET) Attended at Shuren Forum

Date2016-04-21/ What's New


On the evening of April 14, Ms. Naomi Climer (President of IET and Academician of Royal Academy of Engineering) was invited by Prof. Chen Yifan of SUSTC-EEE to attend Shuren Forum and shared the wonderful topic “Internet of Things”. 

Ms. Naomi graduated from Imperial College, London and engaged in technical work at independent television and local radio stations such as BBC Radio, BBC Global Service and BBC News. She took charge of B2B Department of Sony Europe (Sony Professional System), carried out R&D, sales and marketing, system integration and service in different markets such as media, broadcasting, film, sports, security and medical treatment and won Annual Outstanding Women Award in Broadcasting and Media Technology Industry by IABM in 2014. 

Ms. Naomi firstly introduced the development history and prospect of network engineering as well as its benefits for human beings. She thought that network technology had a great application potential and could redeploy millions of computers to finish a computing task, gather thousands of scientists to finish the same scientific experiment and make people all over the world have face-to-face communications in the virtual environment.  

Then, Ms. Naomi analyzed the development prospect of 5G network in the world and China and introduced the convenience 5G network bright to people. She mentioned that the transmission speed of 5G network could be over 1G per second. To seize the future market, many countries have researched 5G network technology. China and EU are investing huge capital in R&D of 5G network technology. 

In the process of question raising, students had active exchange with Ms. Naomi. At last, Prof. Chen Yifan, Dean of SUSTC-EEE, presented the employment certificate for Ms. Naomi on behalf of SUSTC. In the heated applause, Shuren Forum ended successfully. 


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