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OSA Student Branch Invited Acting Dean Sun Xiaowei to Lecture at Optoelectronics Sharing Session

Date2017-01-06/ What's New


At 8:00 P.M., September 18, Sharing Session--“Acting Dean Sun Xiaowei Introduces You Optoelectronics” sponsored by OSA Student Branch was held in Zhiren Academy. Prof. Sun Xiaowei, Acting Dean of the College of Engineering, was invited to share information and prospect of optoelectronics specialty with the attendees. 

At the session, Prof. Sun took global warming at the contemporary era as a background and themed on how to solve the energy crisis. “Why don’t we use the solar energy directly now that all the energy in the earth is transformed from it?” Then, Prof. Sun mentioned the continuous efforts people had made on energy utilization as well as the latest progress of optical energy utilization in scientific community. Combining the current hot topics such as quantum dot, OLED and LED, he started from scientific mechanism and explained how to make use of our research and study to solve a great issue step by step. 

“By engaging in scientific research in optoelectronics, one can obtain the scientific achievements and the worldly recognition, make our own contributions to the problems faced by human beings and achieve self-affirmation. That is why I devote myself to this field.” Prof. Sun ended the session with this statement. 

This session attracted many students to attend. Replacing the surface with points, they had an in-depth understanding on the overall discipline research from the perspective of optoelectronics. After the session, many of them said, “Through this session, we have understood the purpose and function of engaging in the scientific field. There is a lot of valuable information at this session, and we benefit a lot from it.”



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