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SUSTech Undergraduates Attended EL2016 and Made Oral Presentations

Date2016-07-26/ Campus Life


During July 22-24, 2016, the 18th International Workshop on Inorganic and Organic Electroluminescence (“EL2016”) was held in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province and attended by over 300 experts and professors at home and abroad including nearly 30 famous experts engaging in optoelectronic research and technical development from USA, UK, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan and 14 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. “EL” is the most influential high-end academic conference in the field of international luminescent materials and devices. It is held once every two years and has been held for 17 times in USA, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Belgium, Russia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. It was held in China for the first time. 

Chen Shuming (Assistant Professor of SUSTC-EEE) led Zhang Heng (a laboratory technician from the research group) and Feng Yuanxiang (an undergraduate in Grade 2013) attended the conference and made oral presentations. 

On the afternoon of July 23, Feng Yuanxiang (an undergraduate in Grade 2013) firstly made an oral presentation titled “Microcavity Quantum Dot Light-emitting Diodes with Very Narrow Emission Spectrum”. He stressed on explaining the influence of adopting DBR structure and Ag-Ag structure on QLEDs device efficiency and spectral characteristics, which attracted the attention of attendees. The attending professors spoke highly of SUSTC’s undergraduate cultivation model and its undergraduates’ scientific research level, and they were surprised that our undergraduates could participate in the research project and make some scientific research achievements. It was learned that Feng Yuanxiang had his academic papers published in Applied Surface Science (Impact Factor 3.15, JCR Q1) and Physica Status Solidi A (Impact Factor 1.65, selected as a cover paper).  

Then, Zhang Heng made an oral presentation titled “Improved Efficiency and Enhanced Color Quality Light Emitting Diodes with Quantum Dot and Organic Hybrid Tandem Structure”. He innovatively proposed a mixed LED structure to realize the combination between OLED device structure and QLED device structure. Both of them complement each other's advantages. His attempt aroused high attention of the attending experts. 


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