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SUSTech holds 2018 New Year's Eve Party and "Voice of SUSTech" Finals

Date2018-01-02/ What's New

On the evening of December 31st, 2017, the 2018 New Year's Eve Party of SUSTech which featured the final of the "Voice of SUSTech" was held under the Big Banyan. Close to one thousand members of staff and students gathered to welcome the new year together. SUSTech's President Chen Shiyi and other university leaders as well as heads of departments and colleges attended the evening party.

At 9pm, the stage suddenly lit up and melodious music slowly picked up; the opening short video signaled the beginning of the party. The audience watched the screen attentively, cycling through the major events and moving moments of SUSTech in 2017 as well as the progress and accomplishments made. The audiences erupted into applause several times.

The 2018 New Year's Eve Party officially started with a light and relaxed wind interpretation of The Legend of Zelda. A group of cute and lovely kindergarten children then performed a dance dubbed Cool Basketball which opened this edition of "Voice of SUSTech" in a unique way.

Among the competing performances was Combating Typhoon by the Folk Music Club which vividly depicted a scene with the dock workers battling a typhoon. Otaku Dance Club offered an energetic Otaku choreography entitled Time Machine bringing back childhood memories for the audience.

After the wonderful first round of the finals, SUSTech's Art Ensemble brought a piece of light and graceful folk dance called Rainforest, transporting the audience into the depth of the forest and to watch peacocks dancing; the powerful and resonant, or deep and strong voice of the recitation Yellow River from Heaven demonstrated the power of the Chinese nation, as well as the love of the Yellow River and the passion of our nation; the university's martial art team brought a performance called Martial Spirit of SUSTech showcasing strong Chinese power through flowing and powerful Chinese martial arts.

As the time approached midnight, the Latin Dance Club amazed the crowd with their fantastic Latin dance performance Cell Block Tangoafter which the previous winners of "Voice of SUSTech" delivered splendid performances to the audiences with their beautiful singing, the recitation of SUSTech Ode which reflected the strong passion and ambition of SUSTech's students, and Nova Hip-hop Club which brought a cool hip-hop performance called Toy's Amazing Night. Shenzhen University's Band also delivered a brilliant performances just moments before the New Year.

Later came the exciting moment of announcing the competition result. Wang Zhenming from Shuren Residential College was declared the winner of the championship of the third "Voice of SUSTech", while Zhao Chenxi and Hu Jinrui won the second and the third prize and Luo Xia won the Best Popularity Award. President Chen Shiyi and the Residential College Director Han Wei handed the prizes to the winners on the stage.

As the New Year approached closer and closer, President Chen delivered a New Year's message, in which he reviewed the achievements made by SUSTech. He said that the university achieved great results in discipline construction, talent introduction, talent cultivation, scientific research cooperation, campus culture and space construction among many others. He encouraged all the staff and students to stay true to the university’s mission, continue to engage in their studies and works with maximum effort, and create more brilliant moments for SUSTechers in 2018.

The New Year gradually approached, with the projection screen playing the video of professors, students, and children from the SUSTech Kindergarten giving New Year blessings to each other. The audience started the countdown together, and as the bell rang at midnight, all ushered in the New Year of 2018.

The 2018 New Year's Eve Party and the Third "Voice of SUSTech" Final came to an end with a final perfomance of You Raise Me Up and Yearning sung in chorus.


Edited by: Jeremy Welburn



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