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Date2018-03-19/ What's New

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering hold 2018 Spring Strategic Advisory Meeting at International Conference Hall of SUSTech from March 17th to 18th 2018. The meeting aims at promoting the “Double First-class” strategic plan, developing department “First-class Discipline”, making suggestions on discipline development, scientific research as well as experts recruitment. The department invited academicians Huang Wei, Liu Yunjie, Li Ruxin, Liu Ming, Yang Deren, Zhou Ji and M. Jamal Deen to join the meeting. The Strategic Advisory Meeting was hosted by the head of the department Sun Xiao Wei and co-hosted by vice department head Zhang Xinhai and other professors. School officials, dean of the Engineering School as well as heads of related departments also joined the meeting.

Photos of Attendees

Meeting in Progress

Opening Speech by Xu Zhenghe, Dean of Engineering School

On March 17th 2018, the dean of Engineering School made an opening speech about the development of the University as well as the development of Engineering School. He acknowledged achievements made by EEE department, gave his sincere thanks to all the academicians who attended the meeting and pointed out the future development roadmap for EEE department.  He also expressed his hope of lifting the development of the department to next level by seizing opportunities like “First-class discipline” strategic plan, multidisciplinary development and internationalization.

Sun Xiao Wei Host the Meeting and Gave Speeches

The title of the speech made by the head of the department, Sun Xiao Wei, is “Striving for World First-class Electronic Information Research and Teaching Center”. On his speech, Sun Xiao Wei had made a detailed introduction on the overall development of the department and made proposals on talent recruitment and discipline development.

Professor Zhang Xinhai gave an introduction on the overview of department scientific research and discipline development. He emphasized that the development of the department should follow the “Double First-class” strategic plan, at the same time encourage scientific research cooperation.

Professor Yu Hongyu gave an introduction on the department key scientific research laboratory, the 3rd Generation Semiconductor Research Institution. On his speech, he pointed out the opportunities and challenges of department development and provided methods for improvement.

 Huang Wei Giving A Speech

Liu Yunjie Giving A Speech

Li Ru Xin Giving A Speech

Liu Ming Giving A Speech

Yang Deren Giving A Speech

Zhou Ji Giving A Speech

Jamal Deen Giving A Speech

On dialogue session, academicians discussed around discipline development, talent recruitment, laboratory construction and development. Their words and useful suggestions provide guidance to the department’s future development.

President Chen Shiyi Made A Conclusion Speech

School officials headed by President Chen Shiyi joined the discussion session, and the president made a conclusion speech. On his speech, President Chen Shiyi acknowledged the achievement EEE made so for, at the same time, he encouraged all the faculties of EEE should be confident, persistent and determined on their research. He expressed his expectation on more frontier research from the department.

On March 18th, professors of the department made presentations on their research and academicians made suggestions after each presentation.

Under the background of “Double First-class” strategic plan,  the Strategic Advisory Meeting is very significant and meaningful. All suggestions and advise on the meeting will provide guidance to EEE’s future development. EEE is ready for opportunities and challenges in the future. EEE will continuously striving for the aim of establishing itself as the world first-class electrical and information research and education center.


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