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SUSTech hosted electrical major teaching guidance committee meeting

Date2019-10-09/ What's New

Last month, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted the inaugural meeting of the Electrical Education Professional Teaching Steering Committee of Guangdong Undergraduate Universities (Provincial Education Committee). SUSTech’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) hosted the Provincial Education Committee, in conjunction with the Higher Education Department of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. Many industry experts and scholars from across the Greater Bay Area attended the meeting, along with SUSTech Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao.

As part of the meeting, the Provincial Education Committee was unveiled, with EEE determined as the secretariat unit. EEE Head and Chair Professor Sun Xiaowei was elected as the chairman of the committee of teaching and learning, while Associate Professor Jian Linni was elected as secretary-general to the Provincial Education Committee. Conversations focused on curriculum reform, developing new engineering disciplines, interdisciplinary integration, exchanges and cooperation between Greater Bay Area institutions.

SUSTech Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao congratulated everyone on the establishment of the Provincial Education Committee, and briefed the audience about SUSTech. He hoped that the Provincial Education Committee would promote the development of electrical engineering education across Guangdong and the Greater Bay Area, as well as guiding electrical engineering undergraduate majors at SUSTech.

Professor Sun Xiaowei spoke about the plans for the Provincial Education Committee. He elaborated on the plans for the Provincial Education Committee, including its research, forums, projects and competitions, as part of his closing speech.




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