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Lychees of SUSTech pleasures community

Date2020-04-30/ What's New

The hills and mountains of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) are alive with the growth of the fragrant and delicious lychees, native to Shenzhen.

They are highly prized by the SUSTech community, with the beautiful mountain air combining with the lush greenery to provide an environment that encourages academic pursuits among the tranquil campus.

As the SUSTech students develop into the scientists, engineers, and medical doctors of the future, the lychees grow on to provide a joyful delight for students, staff, and faculty to take part in as spring turns into summer at the end of each academic year.

The flowers bloom in February, preparing for the bees to prepare for the creation of the delicious lychees. Once pollinated by our friendly bees, they absorb the essence of the sun, the moon, and the earth to provide the abundant joy that is a juicy Lychee.

They may not look the best while they are growing, but we know that they are harboring delicious fleshy lychee fruit.

Some of the insects attracted to the lychee trees include the lychee stink bug, the inchworm, and the very colorful lanternfly. However, the gardeners of SUSTech are well prepared for these invaders, protecting the SUSTech community and the scrumptious fruit.

The gardeners work hard throughout the year to look after the prized forest of lychee trees. It has attracted experts from the National Litchee Longan Industrial Technology System to guide the management of our produce.

The arrival of this year’s harvest of lychees is due in the near future, and it promises to be a bumper yield. Enjoy your lychees this year!


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