Postgraduate Summa Cum Laude results announced


In 2020, nearly 400 graduate students will depart Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) as they take the next step. With that in mind, SUSTech has created a Summa Cum Laude ceremony for the top ten graduate students. It incorporated both masters and doctoral candidates, with ten students selected into the “2020 Summa Cum Laude”.

Wei ZHENG, one of the Summa Cum Laude graduate students, said that SUSTech provided excellent scientific research conditions, and her mentor encouraged her in a wide range of areas. “The persistence of my mentor and their love for scientific research inspired me.”

Wei CHEN, Xin LIU, Lizhi TONG, and Yajun ZHANG were awarded “Magna Cum Laude” Ph.D. students. A further 42 students were acknowledged as “Magna Cum Laude” master’s students.

The Top Ten Graduates were:

– Doctoral student Wei CHEN, who has published 11 papers while at SUSTech;

– Master’s student Wei ZHENG, who published several papers in top electrochemistry journals;

– Master’s student Jian ZHENG, who has published progress in optics and lasers;

– Master’s student Tengei LUO, who has reported at major conferences and published important research on the physics of fluids;

– Master’s student Qiushuang GE, who has developed utility model and invention patents;

– Master’s student Xixi LIU, who published many papers in top journals;

– Master’s student Ke XU, who participated in the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union

– Master’s student Ling LU, who has published research in high-impact academic journals;

– Master’s student Xiaoyuan WU, who has developed new models for predicting the scale of social financing; and

– Master’s student Huimin GONG, who has published research in top journals.

On receiving their awards, the winners were thrilled. Jian ZHENG said that many people across SUSTech had supported his research journey. Tengfei LUO added that his mentors and classmates were vital in his enjoyment of obtaining new knowledge at SUSTech.


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