USTech wins municipal teaching awards


In the lead-up to Teachers’ Day today, the Shenzhen Education Bureau awarded many teachers and teaching units around Shenzhen for their pedagogic efforts. Several faculty members at SUSTech and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) received awards.

CSE received the Teaching Award (Group). In recent years, education quality has been improved, achieving success in world-class undergraduate-level competitions. In the last year and a half, CSE undergraduate students won numerous medals in top software testing competitions and presented at top international conferences.

Assistant Professor Yuanyuan TANG (Environmental Science and Engineering) was one recipient of a Teaching Award (Individual). She is an active explorer of innovative teaching models. She is a stronger believer in the hybrid online education model that motivates student participation and teaching practical skills through research-oriented projects. Yuanyuan TANG has won numerous awards at SUSTech for her dedication to teaching. She has published 65 papers in high-impact academic journals. She has been involved in fifteen scientific research projects, including NSFC-funded projects.

Professor Chuang-Chuang LI is the SUSTech Faculty Committee vice-chairman and the Department of Chemistry Vice Head. He has focused on organic synthetic chemistry techniques that have resulted in the world-first total synthesis of more than 20 bioactive natural products. His research outcomes have been published across 40 articles in high-impact academic journals. He teaches vital fundamental chemistry courses such as “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” and “Organic Spectroscopy” for undergraduates and postgraduates. He lectures more than 100 class hours per year and has trained more than ten outstanding doctoral students.

Center for Humanities Professor Yan WU is the vice-chairman of the China Science Writers Association. In July, he received the Thomas D. Clareson Award from the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) in a virtual awards ceremony for 2020. Professor Yan WU joined SUSTech in 2017, establishing the Research Center for Science and Human Imagination. He has worked with colleague and science fiction writer Yang LIU to publish several books and win awards.

Assistant Professor Zhaojun LIU (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) had been leading high-level electrical engineering courses, such as “The Third Generation Semiconductor Materials and Devices” and “Microdisplay Technology and AR/VR.” He has long been engaged in research into new light-emitting and display devices of Micro-LED wide-gap semiconductor material gallium nitride. His team has applied Micro-LED display technology to AR/VR products, increasing the resolution and battery life of wearable devices. His company, Shenzhen Sitan Technology Co., Ltd. (Sitan Technology), has gone from strength to strength since its founding in 2018, with the support of SUSTech. He was announced as the winner of the 2020 Society for Information Display (SID) Peter Brody Prize earlier this year. He was recognized for “his contributions to the development of high-resolution active-matrix micro-LED displays.” It is the second time in more than 50 years that a Chinese scholar has won the SID Award.

Associate Professor Dazhi SUN (Materials Science and Engineering) had been a figurehead for the high-impact technological progress made during the COVID-19 outbreak. His research into polymer materials, nanomaterials, polymer composite materials, engineering plastics, carbon materials, and industrial applications of new materials came to the fore early in the COVID-19 outbreak. His understanding of how to prevent medical goggles fogging up resulted in his team developing cutting-edge technology that was distributed across Hubei Province. Dazhi SUN is not only known for his research but as an educator. He teaches “Materials Science and Engineering” and “Polymer Materials.” He has won SUSTech’s “Excellent Teaching Award” and “Excellent College Tutor,” among many other honorary titles.


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