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Huanhuan Liu has obtained the doctorate degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2014. Her research interest focuses mainly on fiber lasers, fiber sensors, and low-dimensional nanomaterial optical devices. She has published more than 40 academic papers in Nanophotonics, Applied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, etc. She has published 15 peer-reviewed journal papers as the first author (7 papers with impact factor> 3, two cover articles). She has presided over 1 fund supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and mainly participated in 6 national-level scientific research projects. She has been authorized 9 national invention patents, co-edited 1 English book. She has won the best paper award of the Photonics Global Conference in 2010; the “National Outstanding Self-Financed International Student Scholarship" in 2014; the "Shanghai Young Oriental Scholar" talent honor in 2016, and the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020.


2010.1-2014.1    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  PhD

2007.9-2010.1    Shanghai University Master

2003.9-2007.6    Yangzhou University Bachelor

Working Experiences

2020-present Southern University of Science and Technology Research Associate Professor

2016-2020 Shanghai University    Assistant professor

2014-2016 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore    Postdoc

Research Introduction

(1)Ultrafast fiber laser

(2)Fiber sensing and application

(3)Low-dimensional nanomaterial optical devices

Awards & Honors

① The second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020

② The "Excellent Paper" of Issue 07 of《Chinese Journal of Lasers》

③ Shanghai Young Oriental Scholar" talent honor in 2016  

④ The “National Outstanding Self-Financed International Student Scholarship" in 2014

⑤ The best paper award of the Photonics Global Conference in 2010


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  2. Liu,Z. Li, W. Song, Y. Yu, F. Pang, and T. Wang, “MoS2/Graphene heterostructure incorporated passively mode-locked fiber laser: from anomalous to normal average dispersion,” Optical Materials Express, 10(1):46-56, 2020.
  3. Liu, Y. Yu, W. Song, Q. Jiang, and F. Pang, “Recent development of flat supercontinuum generation in specialty optical fibers,”Opto-Electronic Advances, 2(2):180020, 2019. 【Cover Article】
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  5. Yang, H. Liu, J. Wen, L. Chen, Y. Shang, N. Chen, S. Huang, T. Wang, and F. Pang, “Cylindrical vector modes based Mach-Zehnder interferometer with vortex fiber for sensing applications”, Applied Physics Letters, 115:051103, 2019.
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  17. Liuand K. K. Chow, “Flat super-continuum generation using carbon nanotube-based mode-locked laser and normal dispersion photonic crystal fibre,” Electronics Letters, 49(16):1020, 2013.
  18. Liu,K. K. Chow, S. Yamashita, and S. Y. Set, “Carbon-nanotube-based Q-switched fiber laser for high pulse generation,” Optics and Laser Technology, 45:713, 2013.
  19. Liu,F. Pang, H. Guo, W. Cao, Y. Liu, N. Chen, Z. Chen, and T. Wang, “In series double cladding fibers for simultaneous refractive index and temperature measurement,” Optics Express, 18(12):13072, 2010.

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