Teachers’ Day Ceremony a terrific success for SUSTech’s 10th anniversary


On September 12, Runyang Stadium at Southern University of Science and Technology hosted a sparkling ceremony for the 2020 SUSTech Teachers’Day Teaching Awards. It was also an opportunity to mark the final countdown to the 10th anniversary of SUSTech, with Teachers’ Day marking 100 days to go.

University Council Chairperson Yurong GUOPresident Shiyi CHEN, Shenzhen Municipal Talent Work Bureau Director Lin ZHANG, Runyang Group Chairman Jun YANG, and Kaisa Group Vice President Binhong XIE joined university leaders, academicians, and other representatives across campus. SUSTech Vice President Chun LU presided over the Ceremony.

University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO congratulated all the winners, thanking them for their hard work and contributions towards the development of SUSTech. In the ten years since the establishment of SUSTech, it has grown significantly from nothing with its goal of becoming a world-class research university. As Shenzhen celebrates its 40th anniversary, SUSTech has progressed at Shenzhen speed to explore innovations in higher education governance.

The achievements of SUSTech are due to the talent pipeline that continues to support its educational and scientific research goals. They also have an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for SUSTech. The award winners are setting a positive example for the rest of the SUSTech community. She felt confident that SUSTech would continue to strive to build a world-class research university, rooted in China.

Before the official commendation, SUSTech hosted a 100-day Countdown Ceremony for the 10thanniversary of SUSTech. There are 100 days until December 20, which will mark ten years since the Ministry of Education officially approved the establishment of SUSTech. Through the continued support of all levels of government, SUSTech has grown from strength to strength through its innovative approach to higher education reform, talent pipeline development, and high-quality research outcomes. 2020 marks the next stage of SUSTech’s development as it strives to become a world-class research university, rooted in China. It will continue to contribute to an innovative nation and a vibrant Shenzhen.

Yurong GUO, Shiyi CHEN, Fengliang LI, Chun LU, Dongxiao ZHANG, Yusheng ZHAO, Xiaofei CHEN, Lin ZHANG, Jun YANG, and Binhong XIE all kicked off the 100-day countdown to SUSTech’s 10th anniversary.

The Excellent Teaching Awards were the first to be presented, with the Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG awarding the Excellent Teacher and Excellent Lab Teacher of the Year.

President Shiyi CHEN awarded the Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Lab Teacher of the Year.

Professor Fei YE (Materials Science and Engineering), one of the winners of the Excellent Teacher Award, gave his acceptance speech. He said that the award is tremendous encouragement and recognition for his work. He has been working hard to be considered a good teacher. The foundation of his teaching is the students, as he concentrates on explaining fundamental concepts within his innovative teaching methodologies. His commitment to project-based experimental teaching will develop emerging engineering talents.

Several research awards were then awarded. They included the Presidential Early Career Award for Excellence in Research and Presidential Award for Excellence in Research, presented by the Acting Vice President Yusheng ZHAO.

President Shiyi CHEN gave the Presidential Award for Distinguished Achievement in Research to Haizhou LU (Physics).

Professor Haizhou LU (Physics) said that it was an honor to receive this award. He said that SUSTech provides a favorable environment for teaching and research work. He can concentrate and think about scientific issues without distraction. There is also academic freedom. It allows the SUSTech community to choose their research topics and develop their interests freely.

“I wish that SUSTech will serve the construction of urban and regional development. SUSTech is working to become a world-class research university, and together, we will continue this grand expedition! It provides an excellent scientific research platform for all scholars who devote themselves to research.”

Junior Faculty of the Year award was presented to Assistant Professor Yuanyuan TANG(Environmental Science and Engineering) and Assistant Professor Bo TANG (Computer Science and Engineering). President Shiyi CHEN presented Professor Guozhi XIAO (Medicine) with the Faculty of the Year Award.

Professor Guozhi XIAO (Medicine) thanked everyone for their support. He said that he had a persistent belief in devoting himself to education. He wanted to do his best to make every student become a national leader. He believes that every SUSTech educator takes their teaching duties seriously, inspires continued learning, and shaping the wisdom of the student community. He encouraged his colleagues to make contributions to education and scientific research, thereby providing better outcomes to SUSTech.

The residential college tutors were then recognized with their receipt of the Excellent Residential College Mentor Awards.

Excellent Residential College Mentor Associate Professor Linni JIAN (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) spoke about his experience as a college tutor. Teaching SUSTech students is a vital skill for all educators. He adhered to his responsibilities and was devoted to his career. He thanked the Residential Colleges for providing a caring environment to become a high-quality mentor.

The Teaching Awards shifted from education and research towards those that work behind the scenes. The administrators of SUSTech were acknowledged for the hard work they do behind the scenes. The Outstanding Administrative Service Awards and the Excellent  Administrative Service Awards were presented to the winners.

Center for Language Education instructor Matthew Jellick gave a short speech on behalf of the Excellent Service Award winners. He said that his different cultural background provided an alternative perspective for the SUSTech community. He had put these valuable experiences into practice in his classes to provide the SUSTech students with a global vision.

In a new development for SUSTech, Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHONG promoted several faculty members to Associate and Assistant Professors. President Shiyi CHEN also promoted several faculty members to Chair Professors and Professors.

One such promotion went to Professor Qi HAO (Computer Science and Engineering). He was thrilled to become a full professor and spoke of the privilege. He said that in the six years at SUSTech, he has witnessed SUSTech’s rapid development, at a similar speed to that of Shenzhen. SUSTech allows students from all over the country to grow freely while taking advantage of their strengths and talents. He has found his preferred field of scientific research and explored a path consistent with industrial transformation strategies. SUSTech’s progress has supported the infinite possibilities available to the SUSTech community.

Chairperson Yurong GUO and Shenzhen Municipal Talent Work Bureau Director Lin ZHANG presented the Long-term Service Awards to over 150 staff members. They included SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN, Vice President Chun LU, Acting Vice President Yusheng ZHAO, Ocean Science and Engineering Head Yongshun CHEN, Department of Chemistry Chair Professor Xumu ZHANG, and Department of Physics Professor Haizhou LU were among the recipients.

President Shiyi CHEN awarded the first Ten-Year service awards to Wei HAN, Yuening LIU, Yunan LIN, Yong YANG, Yang ZHANG, Hai LAN, and Zhonghua PENG.

Center for Higher Education Research (CHER) Executive Deputy Director Wei HAN spoke as one of the ten-year veterans of SUSTech. She thanked SUSTech for establishing the award and motivating them. SUSTech is still developing as an institution of higher education while shouldering the mission of exploring the path of exploring the future of Chinese universities. The SUSTech community is the most valuable part of SUSTech, and she hopes that they will continue to create more wealth for SUSTech.

President Shiyi CHEN closed the Teaching Awards, saying that the SUSTech education community has been fundamental to the development of SUSTech. The progress of the SUSTech talent pipeline has seen more global talents come to SUSTech, along with academicians and fellows. “Coming to SUSTech is the most important and best decision I have ever made in my life.” SUSTech is continuing to develop as a platform for educational growth and reform. He hoped that more teachers would dedicate themselves to education and develop more high-quality talents for SUSTech. “SUSTech will be your eternal harbor, with its robust support that provides a warm home during your journey of life!”


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