Fei Chen (Felix) 陈霏

Ph.D., Professor
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) No. 1088 Xueyuan Blvd., Shenzhen, China 518055


fchen@sustech.edu.cn      (86) 755-88018554
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Current Postgraduate Students

PhD students

Master students

  1. Mr. LI, Cheng (2017)

  2. Mr. LI, Mingtao (2019)

  3. Mr. HU, Jiahao  (2020)

  4. Ms. GAO, Qi  (2021)

  5. Mr. PAN, Changjie (2022)

  6. Ms. WANG, Xuefei (2024)

  1. Ms. WANG, Xinyu (2022)

  2. Ms. DING, Yuting (2023)

  3. Mr. ZHANG, Yifan (2023)

  4. Mr. TANG, Liwen (2023)

  5. Ms. CHEN, Ximin (2024)

  6. Mr. LIN, Guojian (2024)


Current Research Staffs

  1. Ms. LIN, Shumei

Former Research Staffs

  1. Dr. LI, Hao (postdoctor, 2022-2024)

  2. Dr. HUANG, Wanting (postdoctor, 2021-2023)

  3. Dr. LIN, Wanhua (postdoctor, 2019-2021, presently associate professor at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen)

  4. Mr. WU, Hongde (2019-2021, presently pursuing PhD degree at Dublin University)

  5. Dr. LIU, Haipeng (2018, presently senior research associate at Coventry University, UK)

  6. Dr. ZHU, Shufeng (2015-2016, presently founder and director of Shenzhen Yi-Ting Health Technology Co., Shenzhen)

  7. Dr. CHEN, Diliang (2015-2016, presently assistant professor at University of New Hampshire, USA)

Former Postgraduate Students

PhD students:

  1. Dr. YE, Fuqiang (PhD, 2019-2023)
    “Investigation of exo-neuro-musculo-skeleton with neural-network-based evaluation for ankle-foot rehabilitation after stroke”

  2. Dr. GUO, Zengzhi (PhD, 2018-2023, currently assistant professor at Northeast University)
    “The neural mechanism of mandarin speech imagery and its application in brain computer interface”

  3. Dr. YI, Zheyuan (PhD, 2017-2022)
    “Image reconstruction methods for accelerated MR parallel imaging”

  4. Dr. WANG, Lei (PhD, 2016-2021)
    “A segmented auditory attention decoding model and its application to neural feedback based target speech perception”

MPhil students:

  1. Mr. LIAO, Shangdi (2021-2024)

    "Research on cuff-less continuous blood pressure measurement method based on age factors"

  2. Mr. HU, Jiajian (MPhil, 2020-2023)
    "Deep learning based chord generation method of pop music"

  3. Ms. WANG, Yihan (MPhil, 2020-2022)   ICBC, Qingdao
    "A study of auditory sensitivity in spatial hearing based on EEG responses"

  4. Ms. LIU, Zixin (MPhil, 2020-2022)         Shopify, Shenzhen
    "Objective quality assessment of interrupted speech based on EEG"

  5. Mr. FENG, Zicheng (MPhil, 2019-2022)  Elevoc, Shenzhen
    "Studies on deep learning-based binaural speech separation system with spatial cues preservation"

  6. Mr. PAN, Changjie (MPhil, 2019-2022)   PhD candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    "Speech imagery based brain computer interface towards expanding output commands"

  7. Mr. ZHENG, Mingjian (MPhil, 2018-2020)    Hytera, Shenzhen

    "Studying the effect of music style on the construal level using functional near-infrared spectroscopy"

  8. Mr. YE, Fuqiang (MPhil, 2017-2019)       PhD candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    "Optimization of machine learning speech enhancement model based on subjective auditory feedback"

  9. Ms. XU, Danying (MPhil, 2017-2019)      Lianfakeji, Beijing

    "Objective measure of auditory stream segregation with cochlear implants using mismatch negativity"

  10. Ms. YU, Fang (MPhil, 2017-2019)            United Imaging, Shanghai

    "Evaluation of the quality of the noise-suppressed speech using EEG signal"

  11. Mr. LIU, Zexin (MPhil, 2016-2018)

    "Non-intrusive intelligibility prediction of distorted speech based on neural network"

Supervised postgraduate students at The University of Hong Kong:

  1. Dr. HUANG, Wanting (PhD 2020, co-supervised at The University of Hong Kong)
    "Fundamental frequency processing in Mandarin-speaking children with cochlear implants: Evidence from behavioral and electrophysiological measurements"

  2. Ms. LUNG, Huizi (MSc, 2022)
    "Cochlear implant listening and linguistic release from masking: A simulation study"

  3. Mr. Leung, Mark (MSc, 2016)
    "The effects of frequency lowering and spectral degradation on low pass filtered speech"

  4. Ms. TONG, Rosanna H. N. (MSc, 2016)
    "Perception of periodically interrupted Mandarin speech"

  5. Ms. LAU, Ada H. Y. (MSc, 2014)
    "Vocoder simulation of cochlear implant for tonal language recognition"

  6. Ms. CHAN, Fiona (MSc, 2014)

    "Perceptual contributions of vowels and consonants to the intelligibility of the frequency-lowering processed speech"


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